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Family Photo

Heidi Makes Glasses

Heidi Makes Glasses

Mia Playing with iPad

 Heidi Posing for Photo

Pizza Lunch

Nap Time

Playing with Christmas Gifts

Mia Alters My Shirt

January and February are usually uneventful as we recover from our Christmas activities and get ready to head South at the end of February.  However this year we spent much of this time having fun with friends and relatives. 

We were fortunate to have old friends visit us during this time. Bonnie Cathrae and her son visited us on a couple of occasions. Bonnie attended OSCVI with me and later married a family friend Barry Johns. Although the marriage was brief it resulted to two great kids Ross and Shawn.  Interestingly my mother babysat both Ross and Shawn from the time they were born to when they were 7 and 8.  It was Shawn who joined his mother on her visits.

By far our most frequent visitors were our nieghbours Cara Singh and her two children Mia and Heidi.  They joined us for a family Sunday dinner routinely every Sunday during this time period. As well Mia and Heidi were frequent visitors during this period.  Marie spent time with Mia teaching her to knit and Hiedi liked spending time doing crafts and playing games with all of us as seen in these photos.

We also had the pleasure of hosting an old friend that I grew up with 50 years ago.  Ed Griffiths and his wife Marilyn joined us for an afternoon visit late January.  Ed grew up across the street from where I grew up on 15th Street East in Owen Sound. I recall Ed and I camping out in our back yard when we were quite young.  I can't remember seeing Ed since I left Owen Sound to join the Navy in 1968.  However he recalled a brief meeting 25 years ago on the Main Street in Owen Sound.

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