Christmas 2019 Opening Presents  

Marie Gets New Purse

Mia at My 70th Birthday Party

All Those Presents

Photographer Evan

Nolan and More Crafts

Evan's Camo Jacket

Beach by Sharkys Pier

Evan Inspecting Presents

Cameron is Disinterested

Attempt at Photo Bombing

This year we celebrated Christmas with family and friends in Nova Scotia where we stayed with Maries daughter and her husband and three sons, Cameron 17, Nolan 15 and Evan 13.  Our festivities on Christmas day are documented in the photos on this page.  We started our day opening stockings that Heather had meticulously prepared followed by a "Christmas Morning Wife Saver" breakfast that Marie prepared. After breakfast we all gathered around the tree to open gifts. As you can see there were lots of presents. At the top left you can see Marie opening a gift from me that I purchased last summer in New Hampshire.

I was surprised when I opened a gift from Marie. My fitbit broke over a year ago and I resisted buying a new one not just because I had broke two before, but largely because I thought they were too expensive. However Marie put an end to my anguish by buying me a new Charge 3 for Christmas.

If you click on the 'Our Christmas Photo'  below you will see us in front of the tree on the Halifax Parade Square.  Heather and Thomas bought us tickets to a performance of Peter Pan at the Neptune Theater so we stopped off to take this photo on our walk from the parkade to the theater.

The boys were pleased with all of their gifts. In addition to their Under Armor outfits and many other gifts; Nolan received a high tech steering wheel for his xBox and a poker table; Evan received a bluetooth waterproof speaker and a punching bag and Cameron received a magic card set and a special travel container for his magic cards.  

After we finished opening the presents we all gathered in front of the tree for the traditional family photo. You can see Marie's attempt to take an awesome Francis Family Photo at the left side bar at the bottom showing me successfully Photo Bombing her shot.

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