Our 2019 Christmas Dinners    

Pre-Dinner Crafts

Mia at My 70th Birthday Party

An Unexpected Visitor

Karen at the Party

 Evan's Favorite Gift

Katherine and Santa

Beach by Sharkys Pier

Dinner at Karen's

Neno and Bri at the Party

Heather and Thomas

This year we were fortunate to have three Christmas dinners. The first occurred early December in Ottawa when we visited Brian and Joanna in their new home. As you can see in the photo at the bottom of the page Brian prepared a 'Beer Chicken' for us where the chicken sat on a can of good Keith's beer. This was our first experience with  'Beer Chicken'. To my surprise it was really delicious and the company was awesome - can't wait for a return visit. 

Prior to our next Christmas dinner the whole extended family was invited to Doug and Judy Cameron's for a Christmas cocktail party at their newly renovated condo over looking Bedford basin. In addition to the Francis clan, Marie's ex Robert, Karen and Eileen were able to join us along with Marie's niece Brianna and her long-time boy friend Neno. the photos in the side bars and below show that everyone had a great time reminiscing about the years gone by since our last get-together.

Our next Christmas dinner was more traditional. Karen hosted us along with Karen's father, Robert Oldham, Bill and Josie Earle and Katie and George Maclean. Marie prepared a butterball turkey, Josie brought the vegetables, Katie brought the appetizers and Karen cooked the potatoes. It was a real group effort. As you can see in the photo to the right it was quite the Christmas spread.

The last Christmas dinner this year was hosted by Thomas and Heather Francis and their three boys at their home in Prospect. Thomas cooked the turkey and Marie and Heather handled the rest. It was a great Christmas dinner with close family as you can see in these photos.

Also documented on this page are time we spent with six year old Emile and her sister Katherine, age two, who Heather cared for while their mother was working. The kids took to us right away which is unusual since they are both known to be shy and Katherine rarely talks when someone she doesn't know is in the room. We took the time to do some crafts with the girls and they really enjoyed their time with us.  The girls always called Marie 'Nan' since they heard the boys using this term all of the time. One day when they were leaving Emile yelled out; "Goodbye Jim",  "Goodbye Nan" which took Heather by surprise since she was always the one to receive this parting comment and she was completely ignored.

The photos at the bottom of the left side bar was Evan's favorite gift that he received this Christmas.  It was a novelty item that was soft and sticky and was made to represent something a dog might leave on your front lawn. We all had hours of fun playing games with is odd item.


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