The purpose of this site is to provide my grandchildren with an overview of their grandfather's career and his thoughts on life. It will also expose them to some of the challenges they may encounter as they develop into young adults. The site is designed to be read as a book. At the bottom-right of each page there is a
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My Experiences as a Surrogate Grandfather

It's been over four years since the Singh girls chose us to be their grandparents. Their father died when they were babies and so they quickly latched on to me as the only male figure in their lives. By doing so they reminded me of what life would be like had my daughter not denied me contact with my grandsons. To make matters even worse she even denied me access to photos and implicitly threatened her mother should she ever send me photos. As a result I have no idea what my grandsons, who will be five this year, even look like. Happily Mia and Heidi have successfully filled this void in my life. :)

Heidi Presenting Father's Day Award Private Lunch with Mia Relaxing with my Granddaughters
Heidi and Mia pop over for Lunch Attacked by an Eleven Year Old Lunch with our Adoptive Family
Heidi Helping with a Project an Evening at the Singh's Mia Helping with a Project
Heidi Thought I Needed a Pedicure Heidi & Mia Secretly Applying Notes Heidi Removing Nail Polish 2 wks Later


Relaxing with Heidi Mia Selling Her First Cake Lunch Time with Heidi Relaxing with Mia Mia Sanding a Radio Cabinet

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