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Overall Design

This site has been optimized for reading on a tablet, such as an iPad, in Landscape mode. I've designed this website to tell a story. It contains over sixty pages full of graphics, photos and videos. It is a true audio-visual website. The site is designed for ease of use for grandchildren with a variety of preferences. For those who prefer listening over reading you will find that each page has an audio button at the top of the page. When you click or tap this button I will read the page to you. This is an important feature for me as you will see when you read the section on "Learning Disabilities"


Designing This Book

Popup Photos
If you tap or click on most photos or graphics you will generate a popup window with an enlarged version of the photos.


Landscape Mode

If you are using a tablet or iPad you will find that the site works best when you hold your device in Landscape mode (wider than it is tall).  Although you can read the site from a small iPhone or other smart device it really isn't designed to be read on small devices.


This site is designed to be read like a book starting with Chapter 1 - Introduction, in the dropdown menu at the top left and on to Chapter 2 -Our Ancestors etc. You can continue reading by individually selecting the chapters of interest to you or you can chose to use the "NEXT >>>" and "<<< Previous" links at the bottom of each page to sequentially navigate through the book one page at a time. 

Navigating This Book
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