the Summer of COVID    

Relaxing with a Heidi

Mia and me on the Deck

Mia Rides a Horse

Heidi Showing her iPad

Heidi Enjoying the Summer

Mia Baking a Cake

Climbing w Mia and Heidi

Mia Sanding a Radio Case

We were in Florida this year when the COVID shutdown occurred. The first impact we felt was they closed the Beaches. Our morning beach walks turned in to walking the local roads - not quite the same.  We decided to stay in Florida given the risk was about the same as Ontario and the Florida was much better. Then when we made it back to Owen Sound we had to Quarantine for 14 days and received daily calls from the government reminding us we were not to leave the house.

We then had to cancel our annual camping trip to New Hampshire and we also had to cancel our trip to Halifax since the NS government was forcing Ontarians to Quarantine for 14 days.  On completion of our Quarantine we were able to travel to Ottawa to visit Brian and Joanna. Some photos of our visit are shown just below.

On the bright side the travel restrictions meant that we spent much of the summer with our surrogate grandchildren, Mia and Heidi. Most of the photos on this page document the many hours of fun we had when the Cara and girls visited us from next door. You will also see that Mia took an interest in my radio restoration hobby and helped out where she could.  When you tap on these photos you will see that they each have a full description of the photo.  ... enjoy

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