Our Florida 2020 Vacation    
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Opening the Presents

Group Sun Tanning

Our First Beach Walk on the Beach

Our First Beach Walk

Mia on the Beach

Mia on the Beach

Heidi Finds a Shell

Heidi Finds a Shell

Group Nap Time

Going to the Beach with Sharks Teeth Shifters

 Sharks Teeth Shifters

Mia and Marie on the Beach

Mia and Marie

Katie and Josie on Pier

the Singh Family

This year our surrogate grandchildren (our neighbours) visited us in Florida.  Mia, Heidi and their mother Cara flew to Tampa and rented a car to spend a week with friends in Orlando where they visited Disney World.  They then drove across to the Gulf Coast to visit us in Englewood for a week. 

While they were here we spent many hours searching for shark's teeth on the beach.  Our house this year was a short ten minute walk to the Manasota Beach.  We also went to the beach to watch the sunset on a couple of nights. 

The girls really enjoyed finding the shark's teeth which they carried in little beach bags that Marie bought for them.  Heidi would show everyone on the beach her shark's teeth and to her surprise many people gave her teeth to add to her collection.

Unfortunately a couple of days before they left the State closed all of the beaches due to the COVID-19 virus.  Nevertheless they did get to spend many hours on the beach and were able to safely get to their return flight in Tampa on Sunday as planned. 

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