Our 2019 Birthday Celebrations    
... from Owen Sound to Halifax

Mia's Birthday Party

Mia at My 70th Birthday Party

Mia on my 70th Birthday

Josie Enjoying the Party

Mia and Heidi

Barb Gets a MAGA Hat

Beach by Sharkys Pier

Heidi at my Birthday Party

Mia at Her Party

After Party Discussions

This year celebrated a number of birthdays beginning with Heidi's birthday in July when she turned four. This was soon followed by my 70th birthday which is documented on a previous page. My brother gave me a surprise birthday party in Strathroy in August and then in September Marie gave me a birthday party that I wasn't expecting as shown in two of the photos in the side bars. 

In November we celebrated Mia's eighth birthday. We decorated the house and surprised her. As you can see in the photos in the side bars Mia had an awesome time and very much enjoyed the unicorn birthday cake that her mother brought. If you click on the photo just below you can see her excitement when her mother brought out the birthday cake.

The largest celebration we had this year was when we traveled to Halifax for Heather's birthday. It was attended by friends Bill and Josie Earle, her father, Robert Oldham, Katie and George Maclean as well as Heather's husband and three boys. If you click on the photo of Heather just above you can watch Heather's birthday cake being brought out to her surprise.

On a related note the photo in the right side bar at the top is of me and Marie's sister Barb wearing her new MAGA hat which we gave her when we visited her and her husband, Ed, during our Christmas visit.   

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