Secrets of Success   ̶   Education    

Education is the most important of the four Secrets of Success. It has both intellectual and economic value. Hence Education is an investment that you can make in your future. Education encourages imagination, creativity and interest in knowledge. It will also give you more opportunities for high-paying jobs and offers better economic security when coupled with high motivation and a strong determination to succeed.

Neither my father nor grandfather attended high school. In their time the focus was on either assisting with the work on the farm or getting an unskilled job so you could contribute to the family finances. I was one of the first in my generation to attend college or university. 

The differences between acquiring a transitional skill through education and working a lifetime in low-skill jobs is dramatic. As someone who has experienced both situations I can confidently tell you that filling a professional position, such as a Director or Vice-President. is so much more rewarding than any manual labour job I've held. For me it meant the difference between making $30,000 per year as a high school dropout and having a taxable income of over $300,000 as a successful senior executive. However, the rewards of a professional career are so much more than financial compensation.  The value of being in control of your stressors and the benefits of having a number of subordinates to assist you in achieving your company's goals can be immense. 

There is a direct correlation between your quality of life in middle age and retirement and the number of years you spend in the classroom. Many of my friends who I grew up with or served with in my early days in the Navy, who did not pursue higher education, have led distinctly different lives and have experienced financial struggles periodically throughout their careers as a result of forced job changes. On the other hand my education has enabled me to seek higher positions throughout my career, with correspondingly higher compensation, and enabled me to fully enjoy a wholesome retirement with frequent trips and winters in Florida. To put it bluntly its so much nicer to be able to afford to drive a new car every couple of years than keeping a 10 year-old car on the road out of necessity.

However, Education is a tool that must be used correctly to achieve success. It is analogist to a fine musical instrument that, in the right hands, can be used to produce beautiful music. Education must be accompanied by a combination of a high level motivation, unrelenting determination and above all a strong work ethic, in order to be fully leveraged to achieve overwhelming success.  The Bottom line is; "Stay in School"  until you have at least two degrees OR ... a College Diploma in a trade and a journeyman certification following an apprenticeship program.

Some Fun Things that my Motivation, Risk Taking, Transitional Skills and Education gave me in 2019
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Walking Manasota Beach, Florida Walking Venice Beach, Florida
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