Family Life After Separation  

Father-Daughter Bonding

In 2014 your grandmother and I separated and later divorced. That’s when I moved to Owen Sound. All was amicable. Your grandmother taught me how to cook and her and Robyn helped me set up my household.  However, 3 years later this all changed when I married long-time family friend, Marie Oldham. Robyn refused to accept my marriage. However, Robyn’s attitude and feelings about Marie, were not shared; as you can see from the photos below of your grandmother, Marie and me working in your grandmother’s basement.  Unfortunately, Robyn's response to my marriage was to deprive her children of contact with me.


Robyn and me on a Camping Trip to Grundy Lake

Camping in Grundy Park

Robyn Fishing in Grundy Lake

Robyn Fishing in Grundy Lake

Robyn Catches a Fish

Robyn Catches a Fish

An Early Morning Breakfast Outdoors

Early Morning Breakfast

Framing the Walls of the Bedroom

Framing the Walls

Hanging the Drywall

Hanging the Drywall

The Finished Bedroom

The Finished Bedroom

Your Grandmother Doing the Final Touch-up

The Final Touch-Ups

Shortly after your grandmother moved to London she asked Marie and I to help her build a bedroom and a storage room in the undeveloped space in her basement. It was quite the challenge and took the three of us about a month to finish the job. When it was completed she had an awesome second bedroom on the lower floor and a very usable storage room in the basement.

Your grandmother, Jean François, Robyn and Maisie used to visit me in Owen Sound. Your grandmother took the time to teach me how to cook a chicken and a roast and Robyn helped me create a family wall with photos of her and her brother. We often had a BBQ supper on the back deck when weather permitted and spent time playing horseshoes in my backyard official horseshoe pits.

One year in late September we decided to get up early in the morning and try our luck fishing for Salmon in Owen Sound Harbour. although we heard of others catching 20 pound Sockeye in the same spot the fish never seemed to be biting when we were there. Oh well it was a great bonding time for all.

Shortly after moving to Owen Sound Robyn and I decide to go camping in Grundy Lake. It was an awesome experience. We went hiking through the park and fished in the lake. We spent five days camping in my Insta-Tent and cooking outdoors. As you can see from the photos at the left Robyn caught a fish and very much enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with just me and her.

Ever since I remarried we haven't seen Robyn and Jean François in Owen Sound.  However your grandmother Great Aunt, Janice, have paid us the occasional visit.  The photo at the below left is of the four of us walking the beach at Southampton.

Prior to remarrying I enjoyed many visits from Robyn and Jean François in Owen Sound. We enjoyed BBQs played horseshoes and fished for salmon in the Owen Sound Harbour. This all ended when Robyn decided that she didn't approve of my second marriage. Unfortunately by doing so she is depriving her children of what she very much enjoyed while growing up - that is a relationship with her mother's father.
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