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As the Seneca College Director of College Services my role was to provide student-focused services, in four (4) cost centers, on eight campuses, serving 20,000 full-time students. I was also responsible for developing Ancillary Businesses in five (5) profit centers that generated in the order of $33 million in gross revenues. My portfolio included transportation, security services, inter-campus mail, six retail stores, 14 food service outlets, parking services, Eaton Hall hotel and conference center, two student residences and other ancillary businesses.

This position required highly developed collaborative management skills to achieve initiatives in a consultative and consensus oriented environment. While in this position I was recognized for revenue improvements in the order of $3 million over 3 years which involved the introduction of significant changes. My success in gaining acceptance for change was the direct result of an inclusive, collaborative decision-making model based on my experience as a dispute resolution facilitator at the Public Service Appeal Board in British Columbia..

In this position I had very significant successes in business development. I initiated a number of new Business Development projects. These included opening a new food service outlet, a new student-focused convenience store and opened an ATM business as well I introduced a number of advertising projects. These new revenue streams resulted in 60% improvement in my Division's contribution over a two year period.

In addition to the new revenue streams I overhauled most of the existing businesses. I realigned parking business resulting in $700,000 in annual savings and changed hotel and conference room business strategy aimed at stimulating summer commercial sales resulting in growth of $1.2M over two years - 144% improvement.
I also introduced a number of major business partnerships including a $10 million investment from a private partner to establish a destination Spa at Eaton Hall with guaranteed employment for Seneca graduates.

Shortly after assuming this position I recognized the need to make significant changes to some departments. We had a large transportation department that was inefficient costly to operated and was not meeting the needs of its customers. I recognized that the only way to reduce the cost of service delivery was to outsource the entire transportation department. This resulted in a $200,000 annual saving.

You can view most of my major accomplishments in this position by clicking the link below.

After three years as Seneca's Director of College Services and Ancillary Business Development I felt it was once again time to move up.  I applied for a few positions and after a short search I was offered at position at Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON as their Vice President Finance and Administration. This was argely as a result of my business development successes at Seneca College.
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