The First Teacher in the Family    

The first public school in Chepstow was a log structure built in 1858 in a lot owned by Mr. Schutofski. The teacher was William Cassidy. In 1875 a new frame school was built a little north of the old one. It had two rooms with partitions to separate the classes. The majority of the children attending the school were Catholic and so it was decided to build a separate school where the Catholic children would receive religious instruction in their curriculum.
Teachers from 1858 to 1892 were:

William Cassidy
John Kennedy
Daniel Higgins
Emma Miller

Miss Hughes
Miss O’Reilly
Kate Strong
George Leyes

Paddy Boyle
Joe Armstrong
John Donnelly
George Gfroerer

From Greenock Township history 1981    Person: Justice of the Peace William Cassidy


William Cassidy Deed

     Deed to William Cassidy homestead

William Cassidy purchased land from the Crown in 1872.  It is 1 1/4 miles north of the Teeswater Corner ( highway 4 and highway. 9, about 10miles west of Walkerton on the Kincardine Road.). William Cassidy got a “Location Ticket” in 1855 which allows him to develop the land. To be awarded the Deed to the property he had to build a house at least 16’X26', clear so many acres per year and pay the lot off.  He completed these requirements and got the Patent (deed) for the land ion 1873. 

I'm sure it wasn't easy to exist in their new home , being on the low end of the food chain in those days as Irish Catholics were ,until a new group of immigrants took their place as the years went by. They had to have been tough, hardworking, inspired folks, many of whom owned property for the first time in many generations



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