A Canadian Military College Education  
Military College - a Well Rounded Education
.... the Real Value

The value of a Military College Education goes well beyond the fact that it's FREE.  Yes, it's free!  All books and tuition are fully paid for by the Canadian Forces. As well, students receive a monthly stipend during the academic year and full pay and allowances during your summer employment. Learning continues during the summer. Each summer you are employed in your selected profession where you're able to develop skills you will need after graduation. However this benefit is dwarfed when compared to the other benefits of studying at a Military College. These include; a high quality of education, the development of effective time management skills, acquiring a disciplined work ethic, learning the value of teamwork and the formation of life-long relationships. Not everyone who attends military college goes on to a career in the military. If you look at the leadership of many Canadian companies you will find that some of the top leaders are graduates of Royal Military College. A significant number of graduates complete their compulsory service and go on to leadership positions in industry.

The Quality of the Education
The high quality of education at a Canadian Military College greatly exceeds that available at civilian universities. Students receive a well rounded education. For example, whether you're studying engineering or arts you must study Psychology, Human Behavior, Military Leadership and Management during each year of your four year program. In addition to carrying a load of seven courses each semester, participate in a demanding Physical Education Program, a mandatory intramural sports program and disciplined parade-drill practice. In addition you get to demonstrate what you learned during regular Saturday morning parade practice and Sunday morning parades.

1976 Recruits Tackle the Recruit Obstacle Course at Royal Military College

New Recruit Obstacle Course

Time Management and Work Ethic
When you consider that the average civilian university student carries four courses (five at the most) you can appreciate the enormous magnitude of the demands of a military education.  This requires each student to develop effective Organizational and Time Management skills.  This requires a disciplined approach. Students must make the most of every minute of the day and be prepared to take full advantage of any unexpected free time. Finding time to study for exams,  polish your shoes for parade and keep your uniforms spotless can be challenging. For this reason those who fail to develop effective time management skills usually don't make it beyond mid-term exams in October of their first year.

Value of Teamwork
Whether you choose a career in the military or in business, Teamwork will play a pivotal role in your success. Those who study at military college learn the value of Teamwork very early. To emphasize the value of Teamwork the college runs new recruits through the Recruit Obstacle Course in September of their initial year.

Often, out of necessity, the recruits apply their newly acquired knowledge of Teamwork to their academic studies by forming study groups where each member is assigned specific research or readings and are responsible developing expert knowledge and briefing their colleagues on what they learned or read.
Those of us who gravitate toward leadership in business organizations, or create our own businesses as entrepreneurs, tend to be the independent sort. It seems ironic, then, that we achieve our highest levels of productivity only when we come together as teams. Nearly everything worthwhile we’ve achieved has come about as a result of team effort.    Laura Stack


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