Moving to Victoria 1990    
This move was easier - we flew Air Canada

We were only in Ottawa for 4 years before I got promoted again and  posted to Victoria.  We sold our home in Ottawa and bought a new one in Victoria with a pool. We were all very much looking forward to the move because for the first time we would be only an hours drive from the kids grandparents. As it turned out buying a house with a pool was a good decision. It would play a pivotal role in Robyn's development as a strong leader.  We didn't know it at the time but we would be in Victoria for over 15 years which, for the kids, was pretty much their whole life

Robyn in the Pool


Brian Interviews His Father

Soon after we arrived in Victoria the "Duck Rule" came back to haunt me. When you're posted to a new location in the Military. They give you two months pay in cash to give you time to make new banking arrangements. So I arrived home from my first day at work with literally a pocket full of cash. I no sooner got finished explaining the reason for all the cash when Robyn spoke up in a very mature, assertive voice and said; "The Duck Rule applies - we each get a share of that". "Well you're right", I said and began counting it all out in piles of four - one for each of us. As soon as everyone had their own pile of cash I said; "We have to pay the mortgage - so everyone must chip in for the mortgage." Then I said, We need to buy groceries - everyone chip in for the groceries."  Well this went on until we got down to paying the cable TV. Brian looked at his dwindling pile of cash and said in a defiant voice; "I'm not going to watch TV this month so I don't want to pay for it".  As it turned out what they had left, after the Cable TV was paid, was not much more than they normally got for their allowance.

Robyn and Brian with their Gramdma Hawkes

Kids & Grandma Hawkes

Brian Opening Presents with his Grandpa Hawkes

Opening Presents

Robyn and Brian Visiting RRMC

Visiting Military College

Robyn and Brians Great-Grandma

Great-Grandma Ina Hawkes

Robyn and Brian literally grew up in Victoria. When we arrived in July 1990 Brian had just turned 6 and Robyn had just turned 8. When we moved to Toronto in 2006 they were 22 and 24. As you can see from these photos the kids very much enjoyed being able to frequently spend time with their grandparents for the first time in their lives.  We were together with their grandparents pretty much every Christmas and most holidays. You can see how they grew when you compare Robyn in the photo with her grandmother at the top right to her in the photo with her grandmother bottom right. They also got to know their great grandmother, Ina Hawkes, who lived to be 96.

It was in Victoria when Robyn was 13 that she showed a remarkable skill in preparing reasoned, persuasive, argument; that telegraph her career as an advocate in her current position as a Labour Relations Officer. I had been quite vocal in my believe that children, in general, should not have cell phones. Their mother came to me one afternoon and told me that Robyn had prepared something that she wanted me to hear and that I should just listen before shooting it down. Well I listened and what I heard was both well reasoned and very persuasive. Her argument was very well prepared and on a par with what I would expect from a first year law student.  Given that Robyn was only 13 it was remarkable.  Well when she finish, she was not only getting a cell phone, her bother was getting a cell phone and I was paying for both of them. 



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