Our Florida 2020 Vacation    

Our 2020


 compliments of COVID-19

The Mustang in Hibernation

Mustang Hibernation

The Mustang see snow for the first time in 2020

Mustang Sees Snow

Huge Snowfall

Huge Snowfall

We Arrived Safely

We Arrived Safely

Our First Florida Lunch

Mustang Wakes Up

Big Snowfall

 Day Before we Leave

We Stopped in Flagstaff on our way South

Our Stop in Findlay

Relaxing by the Pool

Relaxing by the Pool

This year started out as the same as our Florida trips in the past. We took the winter cover off the Mustang, reconnected the battery and started it for the first time in four months. The weather was looking good towards the end of February and given the mild winter we had we were looking forward to getting the Mustang out of town on snow-free roads.  However our optimism was dampened quickly when we got hit with a heavy snowfall just a few days before our scheduled departure.   As you can see from these photos we got about 40 cm of snow in one night.

When we arrived in Florida on March 8th everything seemed normal. We took full advantage of the Florida sunshine, swam in the pool and took many walks on Manasota Beach. We were able to watch the dolphins swim under the bridge and watched the many gopher tortoises go about their business in the backyard. It seemed the the onset of CONVID-19 virus was going to have little impact on us.

However, mid March that all changed when Sarasota county closed all the beaches in response a few, stupid kids on March break that refused to practice social distancing on the beach. Shortly thereafter most of the stores closed with the exception of pharmacies and grocery stores. As a result we pretty much stayed home - no shopping. However we continued our daily walks but instead of walking on the sandy beaches we were forced to walk the local roads.  Otherwise we pretty much stayed at home and warmed up in the Florida sun by the pool.  Temperatures stayed in the area of 29 to 32 degrees Celsius which allowed us to work on our summer tans.  We also spent quite of bit of our time playing marbles on a board that Norm Valtour made for us last year. The photos on this page pretty much tell the story of how we spent our days in March and April self-isolating in Florida. 

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