Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS)  

Canadian Forces Fleet School Halifax

and the Canadian Forces Fleet School (CFFS)

I began my Naval Combat Systems Engineering studies at the Fleet School in Halifax. This included a number of courses at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Combat Systems Engineering Training  focuses on the application of systems engineering and system analysis. It also requires the study of requirements and systems architecture in order to be able to the design and implement modern combat systems that focus on Network-Centric Warfighting (NCW) systems.  The total program was a little over 18 months

The primary objective of this training was to prepare me to manage a team of Combat Systems Technicians and Technologist in the maintenance of the ship's combat systems.  Systems include:
  • Above water and underwater warfare systems and its ammunition
  • Above water and underwater sensor systems   
  • Navigation systems  
  • Communication systems  
  • Command and control systems   
  • Data processing systems   
  • Electronic warfare systems      

CPF Firing Main Surface Armament

Combat Systems Training at Sea

Naval CSE Recruiting Video

HMCS Ottawa Torpedo Firing

Classes at Fleet School

Fleet School Top Student Award

Top Student Award - 1983


The courses at the Technical University of Nova Scotia involved Advanced Control Theory, DC Machines, Advanced Electronics Theory and Engineering Management and were quite demanding.  The courses at Fleet School were more applications related and involve some hands on projects such as building and programming a basic computer by wire-wrapping and were much more interesting.

Following my academic successes at Military College and the University of Victoria I managed to finish the program at the top of the class and as a result of my standing I was immediately offered a position to apply my knowledge and experience as the Naval Combat Systems Engineer of HMCS Ottawa.



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