My Early Years Growing Up in Owen Sound  

850 15th Street East, Owen Sound

850 15th Street East, Owen Sound. 1943

Grandmother Annie Cassidy Hutton  
My Grandma Hutton    

I grew up in a small town with a population of around 17,000. The house I grew up in, at 850 15th Street, was purchased by my grandfather in 1924. Click on the photo of the house on the right to see photos of the house over the years.

Our family didnít have a lot of money when I was growing up so my parents couldnít afford to give us much in the way of luxuries while we were young. Although I do recall getting a new shirt and a new pair of pants each September for the new School year. The fact that I didn't have much in the way of financial resources is likely why I started my own business when I was 12 and landed my first job when I was 14. My early working career is discussed on its own page titled, Early Working Career, in the Menu on the left.

The photo at the top left shows my grandmother, brother and sister and was taken in 1954 when she had an apartment on 4th avenue East. In the background you can see 15th St hill. The photos below at the left was taken at around the same time period.
Playing in the Backyard with Brother, Sister and a Friend Playing on a Ladder with my Brother

My Family Spent Two Weeks at Wasaga Beach in 1964

Playing in Backyard at Age Four Playing on a Ladder with my Little Brother Two Weeks at Wasaga Beach in 1964

The photo above at the right was taken at Wasaga Beach in 1964 when my family along with my relatives, the Rileys and the Woyces, rented cottages. This was the one and only family vacation that we took while I was growing up. I would turn 15 at the end of that summer and was allowed to bring along a friend, Jim Myatt, who lived across the street from us. My brother, Michael, did not join us at the beach that summer. I believe this was because he had a summer job.

My Family when I was 17

Hutton Family. Owen Sound. 1967

Your Grandfather at Age Five ... click here!  
Me at Age Five   
I attended St Maryís Separate School from grades one to eight. .In fact, I liked school so much I spent two years in grade 7 :) You canread more about my academic challenges on the page titled Learning Disabilities.  St Mary's School was located at the top of 15th Street Hill. Parts of the building are still there however most of it has been rebuilt and is now St Mary's High School. Our family attended St Mary's Catholic Church which is located across from the school at the top of 15 Street Hill.

Upon reflection I had a great childhood growing up in Owen Sound. I was given the freedom to venture out and explore my locale world. I recall spending hours sorting through discarded items at the local dump and bringing home what I thought to be unique treasures. I recall spending the summers playing ball in Keelingís field and the winters tobogganing down the Spring Hill. These playgrounds are both now gone forever. In the 1970s they were covered with blacktop and filled with family homes.



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