National Defence Headquarters - DMCS-8  
Project Engineer - Naval Software Policy & Development

I joined the Directorate Maritime Combat Systems (DMCS) in 1986 in the Software Development and Policy Section.  DMCS was one of five Directorates under the Director General Engineering Maintenance.

While assigned to DMCS 8, I was responsible for a number of contracts with local engineering companies and played a role in the development of naval software standards. The basis for the Canadian Navy software development standard was the United States Navy's standard DoD Std 2168 which provided the framework for Software Quality Assurance.

While in this role I was also assigned the responsibility for naval officers selected for graduate training in software engineering at Boston College.  In this capacity I managed the first two candidates in the program.

This role also provided me with my first opportunity to manage complex engineering and development contracts with industry. This role was particularly rewarding in that I discovered that many of the contractors were not delivering the services to the required level. I recall challenging a number of contracts on their failure to deliver as per their Agreements with the government.  My success in this area was identified in my assessments from time to time. 

After four years in the position I was once again identified for promotion as a result of my success in this position as shown in the assessments below. In the Spring of 1990 I was promoted to Commander and posted to the west coast as the Commanding Officer and Squadron Technical Officer of the Second Canadian Destroyer Squadron. This was indeed quite the accomplishment given that it was the second time in a row that I was promoted after doing only one job in the rank.



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