Our Adoptive Family    
... and our next door neighbours

My Adoptive T-Shirt

Cuddling with Heidi & Mia

The Party in Strathroy

Mia on my 70th Birthday

Cutting the First Cake

Ice Cream Cones

After Party Cleaning Up

Mia and Heidi on the Deck

My Adoptive T-Shirt

Story time with Heidi

Beach by Sharkys Pier

Heidi at my Birthday Party

My Strathroy Adoptive Cake

Lunch with Mia and Heidi

Katie and Josie on Pier

Heidi on the Back Deck

This year when we returned from our Florida trip we learned that a new family was moving in next door. The family consisted of a single mom with two small children and were relocating from Brantford. the single mom, Cara Singh, had taken up a new position at the hospital as the Manager of the Operating Room.

In the months following our return we came to know our new neighbours well as they spent increasingly more time with us over the summer. The oldest daughter, Mia, was seven and the youngest, Heidi, had just turned four. We learned that they had just gone through a devastating time with the loss of their father.

Many of our interactions can be seen in the photos below. Cara and the girls became regular visitors over the summer and we shared many mutual enjoyable ventures from outings to the beach to camping at Craigleith.   We hosted Heidi's birthday Party last summer and we were pleased that they attended my birthday in September.

By far our greatest adventure this summer was when we all went camping at Craigleith which is about an hours drive from Owen Sound. We took three tents, one for Marie and I, one for Cara and Heidi and one that we had set up for the kids to play in during the day. To our surprise Mia chose to spend the night in a tent by herself.  We spent four awesome days exploring the beach and participating in many activities organized by the campground.

All in all Cara and the girls have brought us many hours of joy to our lives over the summer and continue to do so to this day. We continue to enjoy each others company and the girls often come over by themselves to visit and play games.  Just recently we hosted a small birthday party for Mia who just turned eight and we are looking forward to spending time with them over the Christmas holiday.  You know you made an impression on someone when they create a song about you ...listen to this one.


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